Happy Home Trust project, India

Happy Home Trust is a group home for orphans and children living in poverty.

The lady who runs the home, Ranjeeta Devi, and the approximately 50 children under her care, have been evicted because the owner has decided to sell the house they had long rented.

With your support, we’re sending funds for them to build a house of their own.


Thanks to everyone’s support, funds have already been sent by Opera San Giuseppe and Akropolis a.p.s., an Italian charity we work with, so that construction can get under way as soon as possible.


It’s happening! The work is proceeding well, but a lot more money is still needed to cover all the expenses.

Help us support Ranjeeta and her children. Donate now!


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Phases of the project

The construction work started in August 2018 and, as you can see from the photos, a great deal of progress has already been made. Thanks to a partnership between various international NGOs, EUR 63,000 have already been raised. The children at the Happy Home will soon have a place to call their own, without fear of eviction. Finishing the construction of the house still requires the installation of septic tanks for water and a fence to protect the children. A further EUR 33,000 are still needed. Let’s give these children a welcoming home where they can grow up in a loving and caring environment.

August-December 2018: purchase of the land and excavation of the foundations.

January 2018: measurements and delivery of the first materials.

Start of foundation works.

February 2019: works are progressing at full speed.

March 2019: the ground floor is started.

April 2019: masonry walls of the ground floor.

May 2019: the ground floor is completed.

June 2019: construction of the first floor begins.

July 2019: foundations of the second floor are completed.

October 2019: the second floor is completed.

July 2020: the external structure is ready; internal work begins to finish the ground floor.


HAPPY HOME thanks us for our support so far (June 2021)

Dear San Giuseppe Association Switzerland, We would like to thank you very much for your continued support of the Building Projects. Because of your generosity, we are able to further our mission in bettering the lives of children across all of the rural area here in Puttaparthi and the neighbouring community. It means the world to us and all of the children who are able to be part of our mission.

We would again like to thank you for coming forward and helping our mission. You have always been generous in helping us as and when needed.

I just wanted to thank you for the fact that, besides giving the children a beautiful home and providing for the interior needs of house (beds, bed covers, cupboards, etc.), with your donation, we have also been able to prepare a garden which the children will use to grow things in and, very importantly, we have managed to build a boundary wall, which is very important for the security of the children.

So once again thank you very much from all of us at Happy Home.

Our special thanks go out to Akropolis a.p.s.

We are very grateful for your love.

From the bottom of our hearts, Ranjeeta, the kids and all the staff.

Gentile associazione San Giuseppe Svizzera,
Vorremmo ringraziarvi molto per il vostro continuo supporto ai Progetti di Costruzione,Grazie alla tua generosità siamo in grado di portare avanti la nostra missione nel migliorare la vita dei bambini in tutta l’area rurale qui dove nella comunità di Puttaparthi e dei vicini significa il mondo per noi e tutti i bambini che sono in grado di partecipare alla nostra missione .
Vorremmo ancora ringraziarti per esserti fatto avanti e aver aiutato la nostra missione, sei sempre stato generoso nell’aiutarci come e quando necessario.

Volevo solo ringraziarti che oltre a rendere i bambini una bella casa e le esigenze interne della casa, letti, coperte, armadi, con la tua donazione, siamo stati anche in grado di preparare un giardino che i bambini utilizzeranno per coltivare le cose e molto importante siamo riusciti a costruire un muro di cinta molto importante per la sicurezza dei bambini. Quindi ancora una volta grazie mille da tutti noi di Happy Home. I nostri ringraziamenti speciali vanno ad Akropolis APS. siamo molto grati per il vostro Amore.
Dal profondo dei nostri cuori, Ranjeeta, Kids e tutto lo staff.

Cost estimate to complete the house externally and internally

Compound plaster and paint for walls

1. Bags of cement - 62,400
2. Labour costs - 244,576
3. Gate - 15,000
4. Sand - 35,400
5. Concrete - 9,000
6. Bricks - 20,000

Iron for compound wall - 7,000
8. Painting materials - 50,000
9. Cost of painting work - 39,000

Cribs and beds - 50,000
11. Terrace - 2,000,000
12. Water tanks (2) - 40,000
13. Staircase with railing - 75,000

Furniture (shelves)

1. Cupboards - 70,000
2. Tables - 5,000
3. Trees and nursery pots - 35,000

Total = INR 1,587,376 - USD 22,046.80