Sri Saraswathi coaching centre - India

Since August 2019, we have been working with the SRI SAI SARASWATHI COACHING CENTRE school, which supports 25 poor children aged 2 to 6 years from villages around Puttaparthi.

We send contributions to the school on a quarterly basis to cover teaching and food costs, amounting to a total of EUR 100 per month.

With our help, the school aims to ensure that the children have healthy nutrition by serving fresh food for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks to every child, who would otherwise be living in a state of malnutrition and neglect.

Our association collaborates actively with these Indian organisations, but this alone is not enough – we need your support. Every year, some of our representatives visit India and take concrete steps to care for these children. “Giving” is an extraordinary experience that also rewards you with the happiness of having helped a small part of humanity.

You can contribute to this project by transferring your donation to the “Progetti Vari” account at the Raiffeisen Bank, indicating the India-Sri Saraswathi Centre project as the payment reference.
We’ll send your contribution to the school in the next quarter following the date of receipt.

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Puttaparthi is a village of 11,000 inhabitants, located in the district of Anantapur in the federal state of Andhra Pradesh in South India.

Its name means “Village of Cones”, because in the past it was invaded by termites that built cone-shaped mounds everywhere.