Shën Jozefi Punëtor project, Albania

Opera San Giuseppe’s Albania project was started to support the “San Giuseppe Operaio” para-university professional school in the diocese of Rrëshen.

The “Shën Jozefi Punëtor” Professional School has been operating since November 2004, in Rrëshen, Mirdita District (north-eastern Albania) and is owned by the Diocese of Rrëshen, whose Bishop, Fr. Gjergj Meta, is also its Chairman.

It has been managed from the outset by the Congregation of the Somascan Fathers, founded by St. Jerome Emiliani in the 16th Century and dedicated to training young people all over the world.

Scuola San Giuseppe Operaio’s mission is to provide educational and sociocultural opportunities for young people in the area and surrounding districts, and to fight against the phenomenon of youth emigration.

The School serves as a source of hope for the future, for families and young people.

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For the Information Technology course, for which we have four active labs with more than 100 computers, it’s necessary to upgrade the computers, which have become obsolete.

They need to be replaced because they are now over five years old, which is very old in computer years.

Refurbished computers, which cost less and are still fit for purpose, could also be bought.

In such case, the cost would be around EUR 150–180 per computer.

There are also more ambitious plans to renovate a small terrace on the first floor of the new school. The terrace would then be covered with wooden beams and tiles at the top and closed off with glass at the bottom to create three new spaces for the school. This project meets the need for more room to accommodate the growing number of students and the new classes in healthcare and hospitality. A multilingual classroom is also planned for a later date.
This project will cost around EUR 70,000.